VP Division 1


I would just like to say how proud I am of my local and its members! When it is time to mobilize I don’t think anyone does it better! We have differences at times, but all in all if you put this local’s back against the wall 4900 members come out swinging. There is no doubt in my mind that all of your efforts helped bring home our recent core contract, so I thank you all.

The I-pad air drawing for new sign ups to receive text messages from our local was completed on 3/2/15. Jason Cox, a NIBS Technician out of Girl School Road Garage won the device. Congratulations to Jason!

On 3/3/15, 15 new stewards were trained from core, appendix F and Mobility and we plan to continue throughout this term. If you are interested in new stewards training, please let your Area Rep know so we can schedule classes that work for you.

I would also like to talk about our Political Action Fund (PAF). I believe that 4900 members are some of the most generous in the district, if not the country at giving to our PAF fund. With that being said, we could still use some more help. Unions are down under 7% in America today, because of Politicians and CEO’s of large corporations. It is as important if not critical that we stay in the fight to get working family bills passed and to stop legislation that would hurt working families. If anyone wants more information on what you currently give to PAF, or want to contribute to help fight for working families please get ahold of myself, or your area reps. If anyone wants to get more involved with our legislative efforts please contact us.

Our next membership meeting is September 16th. I hope to see a lot of people here for the meeting. We haven’t been getting a very good turnout at the meetings and I know that with the overtime it has been hard, but we would love to see a good turnout in September!