Greetings, I hope this edition of your newsletter finds you well and ready for Spring. A few topics and my thoughts, Transparency: So we here this word a lot when it comes to Government operations; locally we attempt to operate in the same manner. Over the last 6 years we have worked relentlessly to achieve […]



Have you heard people say that unions are not needed in this country any longer? I’ve heard this on more than one occasion. I happen to strongly disagree with this statement, I believe that Unions are needed more today than ever. I was curious to see what my friends on Facebook would be willing to […]

VP Division 1


Greetings all, There’s a lot happening in our local! As you know, I recently took office as Vice President of Division 1. I’ve found this to be a very enlightening, challenging and rewarding position so far. I have a few reminders that I want everyone to know: First, any contact with Law Enforcement has to […]

VP Division 2


Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power”. The growth and survival of our Union, or any Union for that matter… depends upon the knowledge passed along to its members. Knowledge must be acquired and shared in a collective effort to inform and educate our members. 18 Months ago your Education Committee starting asking Stewards, “What […]

VP Division 3


Beware which Hat you are Wearing…it’s cold outside. Most of us have worked at the Company, in various jobs, doing a multitude of Customer Service tasks. We’ve had class and coaching on tools to deal with Customers, including the increasing number who aren’t happy with the product, services or billing systems that sometimes never seem […]